Klassik- und Gypsyjazz Gitarre


David Klüttig was born in 1988. Because of his father Roland Klüttig, a classical guitar player, David was surrounded by music since his early age. He started to play the classical guitar at the age of 15. When he was 18 years old, he saw Bobby Guttenberger play a gypsy jazz gig and immediately got addicted to this style of music. Without a teacher he tried to understand the unique technique. He grabbed the old Django Reinhardt recordings from his father and learned his solos all day long. After a long period of playing only gypsy jazz he came back to the classical guitar. With the profound knowledge of theory he gained as a jazz musician he started to compose own songs. Today he regularly plays concerts in both styles, the classical and the gypsy jazz guitar. Most of the time he is playing with his own jazz trio “Drahtzieher” with Lukas Bystricky on the rhythm guitar and Kolja Legde on the double bass. He played also with musicians like Bobby Guttenberger, Lancy Falta and Denis Chang.

David Klüttig